Who’s Who?

ECIPS International Staff

The ECIPS President and the Secretary General is the Alliance’s top international civil servant. This president is responsible for steering the process of consultation and decision-making in the Alliance and ensuring that decisions are implemented. The President is also ECIPS’s chief spokesperson and the head of the Organization’s International Staff.

The current ECIPS President is Ricardo Baretzky
The current ECIPS Vice President is Dott. Luigi Gallina (CIS.)
The current ECIPS Secretary General is Shin-Hae Baroness Baretzky
The current ECIPS Deputy Secretary General Francesco Conclaves

The General Assembly Council and its committees is supported by an International Staff. It comprises the Office of the Secretary General, Executive committee and the Technical staff. Art. 30 Apply.

Article 30

In the exercise of their duties, the Secretary General and the staff shall neither solicit nor accept instructions from any organization and / or institution and /or any government or authority outside the Organization membership. They shall abstain from any action which might be prejudicial to their international tasks.

ECIPS Principal Officials

The current ECIPS Spokesperson is (to be listed)

Senior Civilian & Special Representatives
The current ECIPS Senior Civilian Representative in (to be listed)
The current ECIPS Secretary General’s Special Representative for Balkans is (to be listed)
The current ECIPS Secretary General’s Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security is (to be listed)

Members of the Executive Committee

The members of the Executive Committee (Chiefs of Staff) are represented at ECIPS Headquarters on a permanent basis by senior officers acting as Official Representatives.