The Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is comprised of the President of the Organization, the Vice-President(s), the Secretary General and Delegates approved by the President. All Delegates have to be a Member of the Organization in order to be approved. An additional 28 members of the Executive Committee (= Delegates) shall belong to different member states, due weight having been given to geographical distribution and participation. This number may automatically change if a country join the European Union or exit the European Union.

Executive Committee:

Must uphold as far as is achievable direct and constant contact with the Secretary General and or the President of the Organization.

Article 19 of the statute / decree states that:

The Delegates on the Executive Committee shall be elected by the IIPSC for a period of 4 years. They shall not be immediately eligible for re-election to the same posts unless approved by the President.

Article 20 of the statute / decree states that:

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once each year on being summoned by the President of the Organization. The agenda, the place, the day and hour of the Executive Committee shall be communicated by public notice and / or direct communications such as emails/ letters and summonses to the members of the Executive Committee at least 45 days prior to the Executive Committee.

The Decisions taken by the Executive Committee still have to pass approval of the President and the General Secretariat which on approval shall propose it for final approval by the IIPSC. The President and the General Secretariat have the right in exceptional cases to disapprove any decisions if it’s not in the interest of public and civil protection. The attendance of the Executive committee shall not be less than three members and 2/3 votes shall serve as the majority when 3 members are present in voting and 51% when 4 or more members are present in voting.

All Executive Committee decisions shall be posted within 21 days of the final approval of the International Information Policy and Security Council of ECIPS on the Organizations website notice board in accordance with digital law of the EU.

Article 21 of the statute / decree states that:

In and during the exercise of their duties, all Members of the Executive Committee and the Organization shall conduct and identify themselves as representatives of the Organization and not as representatives of their respective organizations or countries.

Article 22 of the statute / decree states that:

The Executive Committee shall:

Supervise the implementation of the decisions of the IIPSC
Prepare the agenda for sessions of the IIPSC
Submit to the IIPSC any program of work or project which it considers useful
Direct the administration and work of the Secretary General
Exercise all the powers delegated to it by the IIPSC

Article 24 of the Statute / Decree states that:

All Executive Committee members shall remain in office until the end of the session of the IIPSC held in the year in which their term of office expires automatically. Re-appointments are necessary by the General Secretariat to commence duties as Executive Committee member that shall take place in the form of Public notice on the website and or direct appointment of the General Secretariat.