Terms and Conditions of Membership

I hereby agree to abide by the bylaws of ECIPS as prescribed by the ECIPS Decree / Statute. I hereby authorize ECIPS to verify and confirm my information listed on this volunteer member application form. I understand and agree to release the ECIPS, any individual or agency from any liability as a result of providing such information. I wish to apply for ECIPS VOLUNTEER MEMBERSHIP at the EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR INFORMATION POLICY AND SECURITY abbreviated ECIPS .

You agree to abide by Article 3 of the ECIPS Statutes

It shall be strictly forbidden for the Organization to undertake any intervention or activities of a religious or racial character.

You agree to abide by Article 4 of the ECIPS Statutes


All volunteer members shall uphold the name of the Organization at all times and promote the Organization in all public appearances or activities.

I understand and agree to uphold ECIPS name as prescribed in the statutes and will not impair on the good name of the organization.

Rights of such memberships shall be limited to:

Any such member could be voted to seat on any of the internal or external bodies of the Organization or participate in any activity approved by the President and or the General Secretariat.

ECIPS Mission statement:

I agree that i have read the ECIPS mission statement on http://www.ecips.eu/our-mission/

By agreeing to this ECIPS membership I agree that other public volunteer members can see my profile and contact me as ECIPS me on the open source platform of ECIPS Organization.

I have read the (ECIPS) Volunteer member terms and conditions and agree irrevocably to abide by the above terms and conditions.