Global Message from the President:

“My Dear Fellow World Citizens:

President Ricardo Baretzky
By Donald Woodrow ©

We live in a world of very troubled times, that present a crisis, not just a crisis of stability, but a crisis of a complex root. A crisis that is so complex, that it’s hard to imagine or understand what the crisis will deliver in the world of tomorrow.

This is a crisis that not only threatens our Identity of the very civilization we have built since the last ice age but the very foundation of evolution we have experienced. We need to address these critical issues with much wisdom that threaten our world stability, our future development, in both, technological and on humanitarian grounds.

We should not forget our history, where we came from and the lessons learned from the past. We should collectively focus on our common goal, to make the world a safer place and to promote the security in coordination and coherence in this turbulent world of today to succeed in building a sustainable peace in the spirit of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

Thank You,
Ricardo Baron Baretzky” ( 2015)

The President of ECIPS heads the International Information Policy and Security Council (IIPSC) and is elected by ECIPS General Assembly for a period of eight years. ECIPS Constitution requires that the President to:

Ensure that the activities of ECIPS Agency is in conformity with the decisions of ECIPS Executive Committee; Preside at meetings of ECIPS Executive Committee and direct the discussions, and maintain, as far as possible, direct and constant contact with the Secretary General of the Organization. During 2019 ECIPS Secret Service was established to protect the office of the president from outside threats and security risks.