Application to Register as ECIPS member Conditions.

If you are a professional in security, intelligence,  legal adviser, student of law, lawyer, law-enforcement officer or Jurist in any legal jurist capacity you can register and apply for membership at ECIPS.

Who can Register.

  • If you are a  professional in security, intelligence,  legal adviser, student of law, lawyer, law-enforcement officer legal jurist involved with JHA (Justice and Home Affairs) you can apply for membership and membership ID.
  • Must have valid ID and Proof of residence to apply as a member.
  • Citizens of Sanctioned countries cannot become a member.
  • Any member or volunteer member can be appointed by the President under art. 18.3 for special duties.
  • All services are on a voluntary basis only.
  • Additional Information might be required.
  • A full background check and vetting apply (Done by Third party Contracted to ECIPS organization). Please note that people with any criminal conviction and / or terror links cannot apply. 

Costs & Fees applicable as from 1st July 2020:

  • ECIPS Associate Membership fee  €99 per year.
  • Bio-metric Membership ID issued (Valid for One year) € 49 per member – excluding registered postage fees.

Cancellation must be 60 days in advance prior to expiry date.

NOTE: Upon screening your application you will be notified if accepted or declined by email.

Non-European Nationals Living in Europe.

Non-European National living in Europe – If you are Non-European national you can register subject to approval of the Secretary General.

Special Notes.

  • External members who offer to volunteer for a period more than six month can be eligible for being voted into the Executive Committee of ECIPS or any other function in the organization with recommendation of the Secretary General. Reserved to General Secretariat Only.
  • All “EXTERNAL” participants services are voluntary basis only.
  • All members are to uphold ECIPS name and respect the organization at all times.

To join, simply click on the Sign Up button and then complete the registration details.

“Make Europe The Global Leader in Fraternity, Equality and Justice in Fundamental Rights Free of Terror, Corruption and Oppression !”

Membership ID-Cards Notes

  • All  membership ID-Cards are issued with approval only by order of the General Secretariat.
  • Administration background screening and vetting apply to all applicants.
  • All Membership ID-cards are valid for one year.
  • Only approved members can apply for a Members ID-Card.
  • You must be logged in as member to apply online.
  • Biometric Membership ID card fee is € 49 per member valid for one year or € 99 valid for two years. (Excluding Currier Registered Postal cost).

Bio-metric Membership ID:

As from 1st July 2020 all ECIPS Associates Members are issued with a Biometric identification card. The Biometric Membership ID card is issued for period of 1 years for ECIPS Associate Members. Security features includes Hologram and Tactile for easy Federal identification for ECIPS Associate Members. ECIPS Associate Members Bio-metric cards are programmed with the members official membership data with encryption. Membership IDs are only for membership identification uses.

European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) is an International Utility Public recognized by Decree and in terms of international representation is recognized under Art.2 of the Convention 24 April 1986 European Convention on the Recognition of the Legal Personality of International Organization (NPMIA) needs no further state of recognition by members or member states after legal personality was granted on 14 June 2015 as stipulated by the Convention on the Recognition of the Legal Personality of International Non Governmental Organization (NPMIA) 1986.

All Members can be verified online.