IIPSC Security Council


Article 6 of the ECIPS Decree / Statute

The International Information Policy and Security Council (IIPSC) shall be the body of supreme authority in the Organization. It is composed of:

• The Founders
• The President
• The Vice-President(s)
• The General Secretariat
• Delegates = Members selected by the Office of the President that could comprise of any European national and government members and / or member states internationally or organization or agency (s). Under the ECIPS Decree / Statute, the International Information Policy and Security Council (IIPSC) of ECIPS is the supreme body of the organization.

International Information Policy and Security Council (IIPSC) have primary responsibility for the maintenance of decisions made at the International council. In terms of the law 28 Members from its member states and each member has one vote as stipulated in the Statute / Decree article 4 and 5 of 3 April 2015.

Under the Decree / Statute, all member-states and members are obligated to comply with Council decisions under article 46 and reference Annex 1 of the Decree / Statute.

International Information Policy and Security Council (IIPSC) researches, debates and alert the importance of early warning signs and signals that act as an International ” Watchdog ” to educate and promote solutions to issues of importance such as cyber security, global threats and scholarly education at all levels.

The IIPSC council can also incorporate any of its members to the panel of discussions and debates to vote on the topic of discussion. The IIPSC is an independent non aligned body that supplements its member supporters within the field of International Security and Intelligence.

The IPSC is not subject to government scrutiny as per legal mandate and functions as a supranational organ of the organization.