Article 2(bis) §1 to §19 of the ECIPS Decree Title of the Code Approved by Royal Decree no WL 22/16.594 constitutes the activities of ECIPS Agency by Federal Approval dated 14 June 2015.

“Our mission is to ensure and promote the widest possible mutual international assistance between all European organizations in the chain of  Policy, Information,  Security and Justice, which needs re-enforcement by creating both, a platform and policies, for innovative practices in the domain of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA).”

The Mandate

Art. 2 §15 Creating special, multidisciplinary investigative centers to Investigate and address such high-priority issues such as nonproliferation, counter-terrorism, counterintelligence, international organized crime and narcotics trafficking, environment, and arms control intelligence. More on what we do page.

We contribute to the effectiveness of the overall intellectual community by managing services of common concern in metaphor examination and open-source compilation and participating in partnerships with other information gathering and Investigation organizations in the areas of Investigations and technical collection.

Art. 2 §1 to §19 Approved by Royal Decree WL22/16.594 prohibits any official(s) and /or  public person(s) from obstruction of justice during ECIPS Technical Staff Performance.