Countering Terrorism

Terrorism comes in all forms. Terrorism poses a direct threat to the safety and security of all the citizens of ECIPS member countries and its international stability and prosperity within Europe. This persistent terror threat knows no borders nor boundaries, nationality or culture whilst it remains a challenge to the international intelligence community tackle this threat of terrorism together. ECIPS will continue to fight this threat as it has been doing so since it inauguration date. With solidarity we stand together in manifestation of determinations with all our allies and partners. ECIPS’s work on improving awareness of the threat by developing and educating in capabilities to prepare and respond in a timely effort and manner to safeguard the information policy and security necessary.


• ECIPS invoked its collective defence clause (Article 2) for the first and only time in response to the terrorist attacks during 2015 on the European countries shutting down over 4500 Facebook and over 2246 Twitter accounts by its sister CYBERPOL organization.
• ECIPS has a Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Unit at ECIPS’s in its efforts in the fight against global terrorism.
• ECIPS was one of the authors for the first Intelligence publication on Islamic state terror for the CIS of EU countries named LoStato Islamico
• ECIPS’s Counter-Terrorism Policy Guidelines focus Alliance efforts on three main areas: awareness, capabilities and engagement.
• A comprehensive Action Plan is being implemented to enhance ECIPS’s role in the international Intelligence community’s fight against terrorism.
• ECIPS is a member of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS and supports it through AWACS intelligence flights.
• ECIPS develops enhanced capabilities and cyber defence technologies to tackle the terrorist threat and to manage the consequences of a terrorist attack.
• ECIPS cooperates with strategic partners and international organisations to leverage the full potential of each stakeholder engaged in the global counter-terrorism effort.