Ukraine’s supporters have long insisted that Russian claims of Nazi influence in Ukraine are false or greatly exaggerated but ECIPS evidence collected by CYBERPOL shows otherwise like the photos obtained from the Ukrainian National Guard. Despite the growing evidence European Union is sending weapons at a mass rate to Ukraine. Most of the weapons handed out are currently unaccounted for, as no background or ID verifications were conducted till now.

On the official, verified Twitter account of the Ukrainian National Guard which tweeted a video on February 27 showing a soldier from the neo-Nazi Azov movement dipping bullets in pig fat to be used against Chechen forces fighting from the Russian side.. This is clearly an provocation and in violation of EU values.

Ukraine’s own National Guard is making no shame on publicly praising its neo-Nazi fighters for insulting and killing Muslims shows that far-right extremist ideology is pervasive in the Ukrainian state, especially in the security services. This forms part of the Genocide currently well documented in Donbas with the mass graves discovered recently.

Amidst the escalation of the war between Russia and Ukraine, many news outlets have reported that the Chechen fighters have been deployed too and has been seen by locals in several regions.

“What security risks does this pose when EU has more than 50000 ISIS terrorist already roaming the streets in EU with new identifications issued since 2015 and EU is sending weapons to Ukraine in support of the Ukrainian National Guard?” President of ECIPS asked. During 2014 at the Counter Terrorism Summit held in London, ECIPS warned about this risk and one day could develop in a New Born Syrian ISIS platform in EU which was dismissed by the European Commission President at the time.

The Genocide of Donbas people where mass graves are currently inspected found many decapitated heads in graves indicating that this is used on both sides of the lines.

“If we don’t stop this development now EU will face radicalism war along with others in a short space of time with the spark that begun in Ukraine” Experts warns.