Global cyber policing organisation CYBERPOL warned that as many as 50,000 terrorists entered Europe in recent months with refugees according to a data dump from the Syrian Army on the Dark Web. The data dump that occurred during 2013 was not discovered until last month when the CYBERPOL Red SoC Team, also known as R3D +45M in the hacking world, made a breakthrough and found the hidden files on the Dark Web by using the CYBERPOL 666 Super Computer.

This comes after months of investigation to locate the missing files that were previously thought only to be a rumor by many and dismissed by several. The “Terror Black List” includes the full names, case numbers, and parents’ names, but most importantly what crimes they committed, and what terrorist group in ISIS they belong to besides the types of weapons they were trained on.

From the list, which contains over 120,000 names and case numbers, it’s clear that the Syrian Army had the information as to ISIS terrorist infiltration into refugees that currently threatens Europe, but so far there is no proof that it was shared with any other countries prior to the discovery.

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